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Welcome To The Women’s Shelter

The Women & Children’s Shelter provides a sober, structured environment with daily responsibilities and Bible study. The length of stay varies as to the needs of the individual. An interview and picture ID are required to utilize services at the shelter. An interview may be scheduled at 4:45pm any day of the week.

Here in the Women and Children’s Shelter, we get to experience God’s transforming power in hearts and lives as ladies take refuge in our care. They learn to save their money, pay their bills, connect with services, find employment, and acquire skills they need to continue on in support of themselves and their families. We are able to provide so much more than just a roof; we create an atmosphere where women can learn how to be accountable, responsible, think through issues and how to better relate to other people.

The key aspect, the most important and meaningful part of this ministry for our guests, is solid and consistent exposure to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. During our chapel service, women are given the choice and gift of learning about what Christ has done for us, and who He really is; they are given a chance to really live!

Our purpose is to provide food, shelter, clothing and showers in order to have an opportunity to meet the spiritual need and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


– (707) 443-5016

Schedule an Interview:

– Monday thru Friday at 1:00pm

Shelter Hours:

– Open 24/7
– Overnight stays are from 7:00pm to 6:00am


– Dinner served every evening at 6:30pm

Chapel Service(s):

– Every evening at 6:00pm

Showers & Clothing Exchange:

– Open every day between 9:00am and 2:00pm

Requirements to stay at Women’s Shelter

  • You must be a female with or without kids the age of 12 years and under.
  • You must have picture identification.
  • You must be sober. We use a breathalyzer.
  • You need to be polite and courteous to other guests and staff.
  • Violence of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Racist comments or behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Treat the facility (building and equipment) with respect.