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Welcome To The New Life Discipleship Program

The New Life Discipleship Program is a year-long residential, faith based, Christian discipleship program.

The goal of the New Life Program is to guide a man, who realizes a need in his life, into a relationship with God, so that the rebuilding of his life can begin. It is not a requirement to be a Christian or to believe in God to join the program. The main requirement is for a man to honestly assess his life, and determine if his life is moving in a destructive direction. If he has the desire, willingness and courage to change, he is a prime candidate for the program.

Upon successful completion of the New Life Discipleship Program he will have completed approximately 600 hours of structured Bible teaching, and as a result he will have developed a sound belief system.  Men in the program are required to participate in various chores at the facility and throughout the community. Since the program is a year long, he will have also accomplished one year of sobriety.

If you would like to speak with someone concerning the New Life Discipleship Program, come to the Eureka Rescue Mission at 110 2nd Street, Eureka, California or call (707) 443-4551. At that time you can schedule an appointment for an interview. During the interview you will have an opportunity to have your questions answered and to discover whether the program will be beneficial to you. In most cases a decision will be made within an hour after the interview process.

Additional Information About The New Life Program …

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